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Scent therapy is a powerful way to create lasting memories!  It freshens and brightens a room, creates a romantic setting, calms & de-stresses the mind, and provides a little bit of tranquility in this stressful world. It's not how strong a scent is but the quality of the oils used and the overall ambiance it eludes. 

Our Interior Aromatic Collection of Luxe Gold Accented Botanical Infused Wax Melts, Handwrought Cement Candles & Room Sprays are sure to please. Formulated with indigenous essential oils, fine fragrance oils and blended with our exclusive coconut wax, creates the most memorable ambiance releasing the language of serenity, love and nature.

Create an elegant and sophisticated atmosphere with these must-have home accessories!

Set includes:

1- 10 oz Handwrought  Cement Candle

1- 10 oz / 9 pc Luxe Gold Accented Botanical Wax Melts w/ Display Box

1- 8 oz Interior Aromatics Spray  



Wedding Bouquet (A sultry and sophisticated blend of sensual black rose, patchouli and  vanilla, very pleasurable sensual and relaxing ambiance)

 April Showers (Fresh & clean lilac, fennel, vanilla musk, uplifting, intoxicating, exhilarating) A personal favorite!

 May Flowers (A pleasantly surprising exotic blend of peonies, white musk and  fennel for an elegant & sensual clean and slightly sweet ambiance)

 Lotus Flower (A breathtaking blend of geranium, jasmine, mingled with grapefruit & apricot, for a satisfying fresh/clean/tart, extremely inviting ambiance) A customer favorite!

Summer Breeze (a refreshing, uplifting blend of ylang ylang, jasmine, exotic amber and rose absolute for a spectacular crisp, clean air atmosphere.

Blue Lagoon (A blissfully refreshing blend of ylang ylang, cypress and baby breath. Truly serine and calming)

Beach Bay (shower your senses with a burst of crisp clean lavender, refreshing beach wood & sage for an awakening atmosphere.)

Water Lily (distinctively awe inspiring notes of green apple, amber and peonies, a satisfying and inviting aroma)

Spring Break(Out of this world fresh & fruity kumquat, mint, bergamot)

Lemoncello Lemonade (ridiculously sweet candied lemons, lime and kumquat. A true spring, summer pleasurably inviting lemonade in the shade vibe.)

Goji Berries ( a scentsational sweet & zesty blend of goji berries, pomegranate and grapefruit for a revitalizing and refreshing ambiance)

Morocco Island (exhilarating white musk, honeydew, and fig, an exotic tropical blend for a mesmerizing, slightly sweet melon aroma.)

Hibiscus Tea (a tantalizing tropical blend of hibiscus, pineapple & coconut, pleasurably sweet aroma.)



Cherry Slushy a childhood memory of going to S. S. Kresge to the lunch counter and getting a cherry coke slushy and a sub. A brain freezing fantastically sweet vibe with cherry and vanilla.

Sugar Baby, one of moms favorites. I could count on being sent to the store to bring back some sugar babies. As a child if you had a loose tooth that sweet chewy buttery caramel would pull it out with no problems. This scent won't let you down either. A decadent, rich creamy & buttery caramel mixed with a hint of vanilla leaves an exquisite and indulgent ambiance.

Peach Rings, bring back nostalgia with this sweet childhood favorite.  Just like opening a bag of oowey goowey sticky peach gummy rings with peach nectar and vanilla

Strawberry Candies, right from grandma's purse.  Grandma always has the stash of goodies in a her pocket book and as a child we were expecting to see the red and green strawberry wrapper.  This scent is a reminder of those hard and crunchy deliciously sweet gooey center strawberry candies with strawberries and vanilla.

Banana Taffy a sweet stretchy stick to your teeth intense banana vibe. A childhood favorite that was a must buy at the penny candy store.

Lemon Head, a sweet scentsational nostalgic kid in a candy store vibe. Going to the candy store after school is what we all looked forward to and lemon heads were a must have. This perfectly balanced tart and lemony sweet aromatic blend of  lemons and vanilla is sure to take you back to grade school. 


Pablo (a seductive blend of patchouli, cedar wood & sandalwood. A very satisfying masculine ambiance.)

Kush (spicy, earthy woody pepper, cardamom, oud, cedar, patchouli, eucalyptus, cannabis and sage. Unapologetically bold and refreshing)

Ego,is a seductive and sophisticated blend of ambergris, bergamot, black current, and oakmoss. Eludes strength, power, and success.

Energy (sun soaked citrus bouquet of bergamot, lemon zest, and mandarin entwined with jasmine and neroli for a captivating and invigorating masculine aroma) 

Retro (reminisce on the rich sensual and timeless blend of vetiver, oakmoss, cardamom, sandalwood, and black pepper a smooth clean invigorating and nostalgic masculine vibe)

Mood,  jasmine, patchouli and sandalwood segues into woody notes of cedarwood and  vetiver for a soft and mellow  modern vibe. A master of seduction!

Aqua,  bold oceanic fresh and clean blend of bergamot, pink pepper, jasmine and vetiver.  Impeccable, clean masculine ambiance.

Powerboldly embrace the scent of success with this powerful blend of tonka bean, orange and patchouli  with a hint of tobacco for a pleasant masculine edge

Fierce,  cedarwood, juniper, patchouli, amber and mandarin, a sharp, fresh and irresistible ambiance.

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