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Scent therapy can enhance our physical and emotional health, changing our mood, reducing tension, stress, and anxiety. We have uniquely formulated indigenous essential oils to create an atmosphere that enhances well-being, stimulating positive energy, happiness, mental balance and overall good mood.

Spray in your personal space, room, office, car, bedding, etc.

Listing is for 1- 2 oz bottle

Scent selection:

Positive Energy

Cheer Up

Mental Clarity

Aspen Mountain (Seasonal)

Frosted Peach (Seasonal)

Winter White Sage (Seasonal)

Vanilla Bon Fire (Seasonal)

Frosted Melon (Seasonal)

Cozy Cabin (Seasonal)

Frosted Fir (Seasonal)

Candy Cane (Seasonal)


*Candle jars and infused herbs may vary in color