Our Story

Nikki Leonard is the founder and creator of Pretty Skin Solutions (formerly Something Nikki Bath Boutique). She has a passion for formulating skincare with a purpose and helping those who suffer with skin ailments, so she began experimenting and researching natural ways to assist many years ago. As a result, Nikki developed revolutionary formulas that actually yielded visible results for sufferers of acne, oily skin, eczema, dry skin, psoriasis, and sensitive skin.
Word began to spread about the great results that Nikki was providing for her clients. That led to her skin care line growing larger to help solve more issues, and help people find their beautiful skin again. She opened her first shopping mall location in Douglasville, GA in 2017 and another shopping mall location in Atlanta GA in 2018, transitioning to e-commerce only in 2019 continuing to grow and innovate from there!
Pretty Skin Solutions is a family business specializing in bath & body products for the ENTIRE family! Products include soaps, serums, butters, bath bombs, bug repellent, body scrubs, candles & more. Every single item is made by hand, with love at the careful direction of Nikki to ensure the quality of ingredients used. Products are made fresh daily in small batches, with non -toxic plant based ingredients that are cruelty free and never tested on animals. Only the finest, natural ingredients are allowed to go into a Pretty Skin Solutions product.
Meet the Founder and Master Formulator, Nikki Leonard. She is always creating and looking for new ways to provide pretty skin solutions to her clients. Check with her often to see the latest creations that she has dreamed up in her quest for beautiful skin for all
If you have a specific skin problem that you would like her help with, please do not hesitate to send us a message to prettyskinsolutions@gmail.com

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