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Add a little luxury to your candle burning experience with these rose gold accessories

Set Includes: 

1 - Candle Snuffer to gently extinguish your candle flame

1-  Wick Trimmer to prevent soot and black smoke for a safe, clean burning candle

1- Wick Dipper  to straighten wick if needed


Gently and slowly place candle snuffer (bell) over the candle flame careful not to dip into the candle wax. Once the flame is suffocated it should gradually dissipate. 

Only use your wick trimmer to trim your wicks if you notice black smoke or soot while your candle is burning.  It may not be necessary to trim your wick every time you burn your candle.  To trim, make sure there is no flame, cut the tip of the wick that has mushroomed.

If you notice that your wicks are leaning to the side or dipping into the wax, use the wick dipper to straighten your wick. Your wick dipper can also be used to move around the fresh botanicals that may get in the way of the wick while burning. 

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