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We all have visual and emotional attachments to specific smells and aromas that evoke childhood memories and nostalgia. The childhood memories collection was created to bring back those memories with some popular childhood sweets to enhance the overall mood and atmosphere.

The Scent - SUGAR BABY, one of moms favorites. I could count on being sent to the store to bring back some sugar babies. As a child if you had a loose tooth that sweet chewy buttery caramel would pull it out with no problem. This scent will surely bring back memories. A decadent, rich creamy & buttery caramel mixed with a hint of vanilla leaves an exquisite and indulgent ambiance.

Candle burning tips for a flawless burn:

> To prevent tunneling and memory rings, allow the top of the candle to burn to a full melt pool for a minimum of 30 minutes to 1 hour each time you light the candle

> Our candle wicks are self trimming however if you notice black smoke and soot, keep your wicks trimmed but don't trim to low to prevent the wax from drowning the wick

> Do not burn candle for more than two hours at a time to preserve crystals

> Do not burn candle around drafts, fans, or vents.  Burning a candle in a drafty corridor or area will cause the erratic flame to consume more of your candle and also create more soot and smoke in the process.

80 hr burn

10 oz Jar

This scent is also available in our Luxe  Coconut Wax Melts and Interior Aromatic Spray or purchase the 3 pc Set