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Pretty Skin Solutions



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The power couple! Detox and Tone with 1 bar.  Our two best selling soaps Charcoal Tea Tree and Lemongrass Poppy Seed & Turmeric have been combined into 1 for a simpler skincare regimen

Skin Type

  • Acne/Oily 
  • Normal 
  • Combination


Key Benefits:  detox + reduce acne + oily skin + unclog pores + reduce dark spots + reduce inflammation

Key ingredients: activated charcoal + tea tree oil + lemongrass + turmeric

Directions: Wash face and body with soap bar once in the morning and once at night and follow up with a moisturizer

Charcoal: is a mild exfoliator that will detox, remove oils and impurities from the skin unclogging pores reducing pore size, reduce breakouts, razor bumps, and pH balance. 

Tea Tree: essential oil is an anti-fungal that aids in healing skin abrasions, treats dark spots & blemished skin. 

Turmeric; helps with dark spots associated with acne, eczema, and hyperpigmentation. It reduces inflammation and redness to give your skin an even complexion.

Lemongrass: purifies and detoxes with antioxidants and antibacterial properties to help prevent infection and heal wounds fight bacteria and tone

5 oz bar

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