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How to clean pores
To get the best results with a pore cleaning tool, it’s important to use it correctly. Too much pressure and suction can result in bruising and damaging the skin. It's best used when the pores are open. You can achieve this by cleansing and steaming your face to loosen them up for around five minutes.  Much of the embedded dirt can be found in our cheeks, nose, forehead, and chin, so these are the areas to concentrate on with a pore cleaning tool by gliding across the skin avoiding holding in 1 place.  A hot shower also works if you don't own a facial steamer, or purchase one here.  Recommended use is one to two times per week.

After using a pore cleansing tool, your skin may feel a little red and tender after the treatment, be sure to tone and apply moisturizer to soothe your skin. 

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This process guide will help prep skin for your weekly skincare regimen with our skincare tools

Step 1 - Rose Gold Facial Steamer - loosens pores priming the skin for exfoliation and product application

Step 2 - Rose Gold Pore Vacuum to unclog pores (side note, if you are using a face mask in your skincare routine, it would be applied to the skin after this step and before using step 3 facial roller).

Step 3Rose Quartz Facial Roller - has a host of benefits, namely to distributes skincare products such as a facial oil, serum, or moisturizing cream to help the tool glide across your skin, dispersing the product deeper into your skin.  

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