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This soap is my personal favorite because it keeps my skin blemish-free. 

Suffering from acne has been a life long process, I realized that there is no cure for acne. My skin would do well until I ate or did something that triggered a break out (greasy fried food, seafood, chocolate, product filled hair touching my face, not washing my face, genetics, etc) How frustrating!

If you suffer from acne-prone skin, oily skin, razor bumps, or body odor, this is an excellent cleanser for you.

Activated Charcoal is a mild exfoliator with many benefits: detox, remove oils and impurities from the skin unclogging pores reducing pore size, reduce breakouts and razor bumps, odor-blocking Ph balance. Tea Tree essential oil is an anti-fungal that aids in healing skin abrasions treats dark spots & blemished skin. 

Key ingredients: activated charcoal tea tree oil + olive oil

Directions: Wash face with soap bar once in the morning and or once at night

This is an all-time favorite and best selling full-body cleanser!  Also available in Vegan Shower Gel 

Pairs well with our Non-Toxic Deodorant

 5 oz bar