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Set & Separates

A simple 3 step Oily Skin Repair regimen formulated for oily and blemish prone skin, you will be on your way to purified and toned skin reducing clogged pores, razor bumps and breakouts. 

Set includes 

1. Charcoal & Tea Tree Detox Soap Bar  5 oz

2. Rosewater Face Toner 4 oz  

3. Face Serum 2 oz 

Skin Type

  • oily skin
  • acne
  • normal

    STEP 1  

    If you suffer from acne-prone skin, oily skin or razor bumps this is an excellent cleanser for you.

    Activated Charcoal is a mild exfoliator with many benefits: detox, remove oils and impurities from the skin unclogging pores reducing pore size, reduce breakouts and razor bumps and pH balance. Tea Tree essential oil is an anti-fungal that aids in healing skin abrasions treats dark spots & blemished skin. 

    Key ingredients: activated charcoal tea tree oil olive oil

    How to use: Wash face with soap bar once in the morning and or once at night.  Follow up with toner and serum.

    5 oz bar 

     STEP 2

    This Rosewater Toner is a spray-on toner that helps maintain the skin's pH balance and controls excess oil. It has anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce the redness of irritated skin, soothe acne and breakouts. The astringent like properties help cleanse pores and tone the skin.

    Key Ingredients: Organic rosewater, witch hazel , bilberry 

    How to use: Hold 6-8 inches away and mist onto clean face and neck and let air dry or spray onto a cotton ball and wipe face and neck. Follow up with serum.

     4 oz

    STEP 3

    This serum is a nutrient-rich light-weight moisturizer that targets oily skin, clarifies, and restores the skin to its natural texture. A little goes a long way! This amazing concentrated oil blend sinks right into the skin leaving a non- greasy soft texture and even tone.

    Key ingredients: Grape seed +Jojoba + Emu oil +Tea Tree + Blue Chamomile +Vitamin E

    How to use: Apply a small amount to clean face after toner as a light moisturizer and blemish reducer.

    2 oz

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