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Antiperspirants vs All Natural Deodorants -

First off, sweating is a natural way to regulate our body temperature and release toxins.

The popular name brand antiperspirants and deodorants, clog pores and stop the body from properly releasing the sweat necessary to cool down the body and release toxins. Most are also fully loaded with chemicals and aluminum that can cause a host of health problems.

Our vegan-friendly, odor neutralizing natural deodorant has a blend of skin softening, antibacterial ingredients consisting of Organic Shea Butter, Candelilla Wax, Tea Tree, Sage, Lavender, Orange, Magnesium, and Baking Soda. 

This is a customer favorite for men and women & always a repeat buy! Don't be shy just give it a try! 

Vegan Friendly  - Organic Ingredients 

Key ingredients: organic shea butter, tea tree + lavender + orange + sage


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