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The perfect hair removal wax warmer for professional waxing at the home, providing all you need for an ultimate full-body waxing.
Set includes an easy to use a wax warmer, all-purpose hard wax beans(5 assorted color bags), 5 aluminum wax bowls to melt wax in, 10 large size wooden spatulas, 10 small size wooden spatulas to help you get started

 WAX WARMER: 500cc electric at home waxing pot uses durable ABS heat-assisted material to prevent overheating. It maintains the ideal wax consistency throughout the process and turns off automatically to control the wax temperature.  For all areas (face/armpits/bikini line/legs etc.) 

Directions:  Heat warmer from 140 to 260.  Add wax beads to warmer and warm for about 5 minutes to melt wax beads. Test a small patch on the skin to test the temperature before use on the body.  Spread wax along the direction of hair growth and peel away against the direction of hair growth.